How to view your Current Holdings in Dhanush Mobile App

Video walkthrough -

Step 1: Open the Dhanush App.

Step 2: Enter your MPIN.

Step 3: Click the Positions tab located second from left in the bottom icon tray, to view your financial Positions. Pull down the screen to refresh in case the latest Positions taken do not appear on the screen.

Step 4: Then Click the Watchlist tab located in the center next to the Positions tab on the bottom icon tray.

Step 5: Once in 'Watchlist'. Click on the Filter located on the top left of the screen and is denoted by 3 horizonal lines one of the top of the other. Simply click this icon and the menu will slide in from the left. Choose the 'My Holding' option which is listed at the end of the filter menu.

Step 6: All your Holdings will be listed here in alphabetical order. You can go through the same at your leisure!

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